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Latin America

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If my work focuses on the context, on understanding and managing an organisation's environment, you may wonder...

...what kind of context? Apart from Switzerland and Europe, which are my home base, my services in consulting, communication, and content specialise on Latin America.

Doing business in Latin America

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Europe, especially Switzerland and Germany, boast world class products. Also in Latin America, "Swiss made" and "Made in Germany" stands for excellence. And be sure, despite recurrent economic troubles in the region, the number of private consumers and business clients that are able to buy such quality products keeps on growing. Therefore, I support SME in identifying their potential in Latin America, and help them access the right people and networks.

Swiss capital for latin america

In Latin America, capital is more scarce and more expensive than in Switzerland. More people could benefit from this asymmetry: private and institutional investors in Switzerland on the one hand, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Latin America on the other. For this purpose I represent SMEs from this region that are potentially interesting for Swiss investors.

CSR and stakeholder relations

As both a consultant and academic researcher and teacher, I work on corporate social responsibility and stakeholder relations in Latin America. These topics are particularly thorny for foreign companies, because in Latin America, formal institutions are often less important than informal ones. Therefore, it is much harder to know who and what is actually relevant in a business's environment – let alone, what can be considered socially responsible business behaviour.