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Etymologically, communication is linked to verbs such as "to join", and literally "to make common". it means more than just writing media releases.

Both strategically and operationally, I help you get – and stay – in touch with the relevant stakeholders, and convey your messages to them. Just as importantly, I want to make sure that you receive and interpret adequately relevant information from your environment, and that you are part of the right networks.

Business to business

By producing reports or entire campaigns, or by organising and moderating events, I bring businesses in touch with each other.  For instance, I conceptualised an event on the internationalisation of small- and medium-sized Swiss companies which the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Canton of Berne, Switzerland, staged on September 4, 2018. The event fomented the peer-to-peer exchange of ideas and experiences, and fostered entrepreneurial networks. For the same purpose, I moderate events and produce high-quality reports for the Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland.

Business and academia

Business's business is more than just business. This holds true not just in moral terms of corporate social responsibility and business ethics, topics I work on as consultant and academic researcher and teacher. If a company wants to tap into the resources provided by its social and ecological environment, it has to establish and take care of its stakeholder relations. Being at home in both sectors, I focus on strengthening the communication between business and academia by organising events and workshops, or by literally translating academic language into business language – and vice versa.

International and intercultural

The world as a "global village", as the saying goes? Not really. Even though economic globalisation is more advanced than ever, people do not communicate and understand each other with the ease one would expect from a village's inhabitants. Also, many "global markets" are still nationally, regionally and culturally fragmented. Thanks to my profound knowledge of Switzerland, Germany, and Latin America, I help organisations identify and cross the multifaceted boundaries that still exist between these two countries and this world region. For instance, I assist Mexico's leading forestry and timber company Proteak in its investor relations in Europe, help the Swiss Hotel Association in building partnerships in Mexico, and teach intercultural competence and communication at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur.